Watch your science happen on MetricsVision.

MetricsVision puts you in the laboratory – from anywhere in the world. Simply login while on–site or off, and you can monitor your project, make comments, and even request in-process changes. All in real time.

Thought to be the first service of its kind in the CDMO industry, MetricsVision gives you the opportunity for man–in–the–plant oversight of your pharmaceutical development and manufacturing projects – from virtually any location.

You can watch your project and talk to the scientists involved, in real time. Want to request a change? Take a closer look at a process? Make a comment to the technicians? It’s as easy – sometimes easier – than if you were actually there.

The advantages for clients who are unable to visit our facility are obvious: no travel, no lost productivity due to being out of the office, no long days standing at a viewing window.

But even on–site visits are enhanced with MetricsVision. Since the camera takes you into the development or manufacturing suite, you can see far more than you can from a window.