Metrics Contract Services’ cGMP potent and cytotoxic segregated development facility is unlike any other.

Potent Facility TourWhen we planned our state-of-the-art potent facility, we incorporated the most advanced design concepts available. The result is a dedicated facility featuring custom-engineered equipment that offers total containment and no open processes.
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Safety is the cornerstone of this facility.

Of course, handling high potency dosage forms requires stringent safety protocols. We’ve redefined safety with this custom facility:

  • containment achieved at levels of 30 nanograms per cubic meter of room air
  • two processing rooms with one-way flow of material
  • independent entry double airlocks, and more
  • comprehensive health-based cleaning verification

Likewise, our quality, concern for safety and experience are equally unmatched.

Beyond our high tech facility, customers have even more reasons to choose Metrics Contract Services for their potent pharmaceutical development and manufacturing projects. Key among those is the leadership and experience of our director, Joe Cascone. With years of pharmaceutical development expertise—from pre-clinical to commercial—Joe is your direct contact for all:

  • analytical testing
  • formulation development
  • manufacturing, including seamless scale-up to commercial and Phase I-III CTM batches up to 10 kilograms.

A truly unique potent and cytotoxic facility.

Potent Facility Overview VideoGet the details on the features and benefits of our Potent facility. Watch video

Meet Joe Cascone, director of potent pharmaceutical development.

Joe Cascone Technology VideoHear from Joe Cascone on why he believes Metrics Contract Services’ potent facility is one of the most advanced in the US.
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Bring your next potent project to Metrics Contract Services.

Contact one of our business development professionals and get your next potent development project started today.

More thoughtful science from Metrics Contract Services.

We’re not the only ones who think our potent facility is state-of-the-art. These articles provide additional views on the design of the space:


Seamless potent development and manufacturing services.

Full pharmaceutical formulation development services, including analytical testing and seamless scale-up to:

  • Phase I, II and III CTM
  • Up to 10 kilogram batch size

A range of dosage formulation options available.

Oncology and hormone therapies are just some of the products developed and manufactured in our potent products facility. Common dosage forms include:

  • Tablets
  • Capsules
  • Powder in bottle
  • Coated capsules
  • Neat API capsules
  • Oral solutions

For more information on alternate dosage options, or to discuss your specific development project, contact one of our business development professionals.

The right equipment for manufacturing.

  • micronization
  • impact milling
  • conical milling
  • high shear wet granulation
  • fluid bed granulation
  • fluid bed drying
  • Wurster coating
  • roller compaction
  • tumble blending
  • fully instrumented tablet compression
  • capsule filling
  • film coating

Find our complete inventory of custom-engineered, hard-wall isolation equipment here.


Facility Highlights

Our dedicated facilities, equipment and containment technologies make this one of the most technologically advanced potent facilities in the United States.

  • Two processing rooms designed for the one–way flow of materials, personnel and equipment
  • Dedicated air handler that brings in 100% outside air with HEPA–in and HEPA–out filtering (rate of 11,000 cubic feet per minute)
  • Comprehensive health–based cleaning verification after every campaign
  • Total engineered containment of process with hard–wall isolation
  • Design concepts from ISPE Baseline Pharmaceutical Engineering Guide for New and Renovated Facilities

See the flow of materials through our innovative facility.

Potent Tour VideoLearn about how our potent facility ensures the safety of our scientist and your product. Watch video

Potent Flow of MaterialsOur potent processing rooms provide for one-way flow of materials, personnel and equipment. View diagram

Total Engineered Containment of Processes.

Our dedicated facility provides total engineered containment of processes with hard–wall isolation technologies.

  • Within the processing areas, there are no open processes, eliminating the need for powered air purifying respirators
  • Equipment and change parts are dedicated exclusively to the potent suite
  • Containment is achieved at levels of approximately 30 nanograms per cubic meter of room air

The unique design of our potent facility has been the subject of a number of articles, including industry publications like Pharmaceutical Technology and Specialty Chemical.

Review our complete list of equipment contained our potent facility.

Joe Cascone VideoJoe Cascone discusses Metrics Contract Services’ unique potent products facility. watch video


A unique system of containment and equipment.

Our potent facility features equipment that has been integrated into a unique system of isolators that allow for rapid plug-and-play process train construction:


Multi-use hardwall isolators (3); Integrated design; House up to three pieces of processing equipment; Getinge/LaCalhene
Tablet Press Isolator; Integrated design; Howorth Inc.
Fluid Bed Dryer Isolator; Integrated design; Vector
Powder Dispensing/Sampling Isolator; Integrated Containment Systems


Blender, V-shell; 1qt. tp 16 qt. with intensifier bar; Globe Pharma


Granulator, Vertical Shaft, High Shear; 1 L – 8 L bowls; Fluid Air Pharm X
Roller-Compactor; TFC-Lab Micro; Vector


Conical Mill; Quadro Comil Model U-5
Impact Mill; Fitzpatrick Fitzmill L1A
Micronizer, Jet-type; Development Scale; Fluid Energy Jet-O-Mizer


Fluid Bed Processor (Dryer/Top spray granulating/bead coating) up to 2 kg capacity; Vector FLM-1


Rotary Press; 10 Station; B-tooling; Riva Picolla; Fully Instrumented
Perforated Pan Film Coater; 8-15” Pan inserts; Ohara Labcoat M


Very Low Dose Powder in Capsule Filler; Xcelodose Capsule Filler, 600-S
Manual Capsule Fillers; 100 capsules per tray; Sizes 0,1,2,3,4,5; Feton Inc.
Semi Automatic Capsule Filler; 100 Capsules per tray; Sizes 0,1,2,3,4; Dott Bonapace

Custom engineered equipment.

Potent Custom Engineering VideoMetrics Contract Services’ custom engineered equipment is what makes our potent suite unique. See it in action here. Watch video

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